Computer Forensics

Organizations have a duty to monitor the activities on their networks,  by both 'internal' (employee) personnel or, worst case, by 'external' visitors if they are pentrated by unwanted and malicious  guests. This is where computer forensics can be of great value; we have the tools and the knowledge to determine if illicit activities have been recorded by your computer's operating system(s).

Additionally, your business DATA  has value, as well, and can be analyzed to lead your management team to smarter decisions-- using the information you already have. The tools can be as simple as Google Tools, or as sophisticated as SecureVue, Splunk, or IBM's Big Insights software package; and there are a multiptude of Business Analytics options inbetween-- including open source solutions.

Let us use our experience to sort through the vast array of tools and products to start unlocking the 'wisdom' that can be gleaned from your raw business data to lead to better business decisions and greater profits.

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But while we are 'analyzing' things, ponder this:   We are starting to see more and more government and security practicioners readily admit that it is getting harder and harder to stop hackers from penetrating their networks....but that doesnt mean that you can just give up. You can (and should) make yourself a harder target than the next guy, and at least give an honest effort to prevent data loss. In most cases there are legal requirements to do just that-- to provide a true effort to protect sensitive data.    Check out our other 'ponderings' at our Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/drawbridgetechnologies  But, if the unthinkable hapens, we perform computer forensics work, as well, in case you need to determine what was improperly accessed or what your employees have been doing online.