Alternative Energy Topics:

Even though it is not a current focus of ours and alternative energy sources have not yet hit it 'big' here in the USA, we do think they have a place in everyone's list of power sources whenever you want to have power (electricity) and you cant connect to the power grid-- either due to distance away from the power lines OR because of emergency situations when electrical power is 'out' (storm, hurricane, traffic accidents, etc).

At Drawbridge Technologies, we have long been interested in alternative power sources, particularly SOLAR, and feel that solar will eventually become commercially feasible as a power source that can (and will) compete with the current electrical 'grid', and not just be an emergency source of power whenever the grid fails.

IF power generation costs from other sources continue to rise (and they may not, due to the fairly recent availability of shale oil and gas from fracking processes that may keep fossil fuel in use as an energy provider) and IF the cost of solar photo voltaic (PC) components continue to fall, the 'crossover' point will occur and solar power will finally be economical on its own merits and wont need government subsidies to encourage this new technology...

These websites are industry advocates, for sure, but they have some fairly reliable infromation that seems to mirror official government reports on the topic: