Drawbridge Technologies

Bath County, Va phone: 540.430.0537      Hours: By appointment    

We are a small consultant company, based in Bath County, Virginia providing BUSINESS IT SUPPORT to small-to-mid sized businesses in the area.. We have expertise in general IT support, business continuity (disaster recovery), computer forensics, and information security (INFOSEC). We can repair or update your computers, advise you in defensive strategies for your network(s), including risk assessments, or perform forensics activities on your computers to uncover illegal or unauthorized activities on your computing assets (by internal or external parties).


   We are certified as a Small & Woman-owned business! 

About Us

 Founded in 2011, Drawbridge Technologies, LLC, has a dedicated staff that is experienced in protecting your business data, recognizing business processesHarrisonbug Chamber of Commerce that contain dangerous 'single points of failure' and offering guidance into the many tools and products available now to analyze your business data for insights into your customer's actions and desires. This insight, gleaned from data you already have in your business processes, can help your business provide better service and help YOUR customers improve their services. We perform everything from computer update and repair (including virus removal) to network security training, computer forensics, and can help with your business analytics or disaster recovery initiatives, as well.